About Us

Our company mantra is: to live in luxury (vivre dans le luxe)….luxury is not only about a monetary value, but it’s a feeling of love, comfort & happiness! It’s not something you can just buy, it’s a lifestyle that you truly have to believe in. Anna K.outure was created by Los Angeles based fashion designer Anna Keobounnam.  For the last 10 years, she has been involved in designing and merchandising for national branded corporations.  During that time she traveled all over the world and was fortunate to stay in amazing hotels.  On one of her trips to Europe, she stayed at a hotel that offered cashmere socks and after long days of meetings, coming back to her room and slipping on that pair of cashmere socks was pure bliss! It was love at first touch; at that moment her obsession with cashmere was born and her love for luxury and desire for stylish comfort would inspire a line of high-end cashmere loungewear.  All of her designs are timeless pieces that include little luxuries and secret messages. They are perfect for lounging around the house or jet-setting all over the world!  So take a journey with us and indulge yourself!